As soon as we can! And before then the rest of the information on this website will be updated for Ride Packages and more!

Before you register, we recommend:

  1. CHOOSE YOUR TOP 2-3 RIDE PACKAGES – Click for descriptions
  2. READ all the information in the below links, MBO 2021 has some changes, don’t be surprised:
  • This FAQ page – Read the whole thing!
  • WAIVER – You’ll sign the waiver in person at MBO, not now.

We expect the event to sell out, don’t wait to register if you plan to join us this summer.

We are limited by the state mandated transportation restrictions this year so there are only 176 spots available for riding participants.

Yes, once we sell out we encourage you to join the waitlist.  If state restrictions on transportation are lifted before the event, we will open up more spots and you will be let in depending on your spot on the waitlist.

Yes! Our MBO Guides are highly trained and will be with you on the trail to keep you on track, build the stoke, guide the way, offer encouragement & assure you have an amazing time!

The guides train throughout the year, ride the trails often, are First Aid/CPR certified. There are a minimum of 3 guides on every ride (The Rabbit in the lead, the Middle guide for support, and the Sweep to assure everyone stays on trail and give extra encouragement to those that may need it).

When you register for the event you will select 1 of the 6 three-day ride packages. Each package is based on different preferred ride types and includes a different variety of trail options for three days of riding.

Each ride package will run as a POD, in which you will ride with the same riders and guides for the duration of the weekend.

Not this year. Unfortunately, under the state Covid regulation, riders need to remain with their selected ride groups to avoid unnecessary exposure and limit contact. We understand there might be an emergency reason for a rider to not do all the rides they registered for, and should this occur, issues will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Your friend can choose a different ride package. Don’t worry, we have options for different ride interests. And your friend will meet other awesome riders, heck, we’ve had folks get married after meeting at MBO, so you never know what will happen (ignore if your friend is married).

It’s important this year everyone choose a ride package that is within their riding ability means. You’ll still be able to hang with your buddy after the ride and it’s an opportunity to meet more awesome riding friends.


Our policy if you, the participant, needs to cancel:

Until May 30th: 75% of registration fees refunded.

*May 31st – June 15th: 50% refund.

*After June 15, no refunds will be given.

*If you as a participant have to cancel and event is sold out and we have a waitlist and are able to refill your spot, we will refund you 75% of your ticket cost.

The above policy also applies if we, the organizers, have to cancel the event due to COVID-19, fires, acts of God, or any issues out of our control.

For 2021, we are not be able to offer 100% refunds due to expenses that must be paid even if the event does not occur. These include (but are not limited to) permits, insurance, registration fees, third-party vendors, transportation and administrative expenses. Thank you for your understanding.

Registration is non-transferable. You cannot sell or give away your MBO pass. These policies will be strictly enforced

If you need to cancel and request a refund for Mountain Bike Oregon, please email us at and make sure the words “Cancellation” or “Refund” are in the subject line.

You should be an intermediate or advanced rider. The trails of Oakridge are not beginner friendly. We do not recommend MBO being your first mountain biking experience.

Bikes are loaded by staff into Uhauls with moving blankets in between each bike to offer some protection. The roads are bumpy and some setting may occur.

We will be using school buses and shuttle vans.  Currently the rules are that we have to limit capacity in the vehicles to state mandates (limited).  The windows must be down and masks must be worn at all times during the ride. If the rules change before the event, understand that you may be in a vehicle full of people. We will follow state guidelines on vehicle transport.  If you are not comfortable with the idea that you may be in a bus or van full of people (if the Oregon rules allow it), this may not be the year for you to join us.

Yes, we will offer afternoon shuttles.  You will need to sign a waiver that you understand and agree that the afternoon shuttles will not be with your pod.  The same transportation rules will apply for the afternoon shuttles (masks mandatory & windows down).  We will be following the state of Oregon rules on vehicle capacity at the time of the event.

Yes, but the only Ride Package that is e-friendly is #4: “Amped Up.”  This package is open to pedal only bikes as well as e-bikes.


NOTE: For package #4, only class 2 (no throttle & under 20 mph) ebikes are allowed at MBO.  You need to be self-sufficient in charging your bike, we will not be providing electricity and there are no charging capabilities in the campground.

We have marked which package is e-friendly in our riding package descriptions page by this symbol .

6:30am – 9:00am on site, Friday, Saturday & Sunday mornings.
Provided by Oakridge’s local Moose Lodge.  The menu will  include oatmeal, eggs & fresh fruit each day.  There will be options for vegetarians (egg & dairy eating).
NOTE: We are not able to cater to special diets.  If you have special dietary needs, please plan to bring your own food.
You are also welcome to bring your own items to supplement breakfast as needed.

Pick up prior to boarding your shuttle rig for the day, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Lunch will be a pre-packed bagged lunch of a sandwich (lunch meat or peanut butter & jelly), chips, fruit, & a bar.
NOTE: We are not able to cater to special diets.  If you have special dietary needs, please plan to bring your own food. Food carts MIGHT offer bagged meals in the morning as well, more details to come.

3pm – 10pm onsite Friday & Saturday
5pm-ish until 9PM Thursday
Food carts will offer a variety of meal options for meat eaters, vegetarians, & vegans with limited gluten free options.
NOTE: You are responsible to purchase your own meals from the food carts, via cash or credit.
More details about the carts will be available closer to the event.

    1. Oakridge’s local Moose Lodge prepares a hearty breakfast every morning. This includes options for vegetarians (egg & dairy eating) and fruit and oatmeal for vegans.
    2. Lunch is a pre-packed bag lunch & will include a sandwich (lunch meat or PB & J), fruit, chips, and a bar.
    3. We are unable to safely cater to gluten free diets as there are too many areas that risk gluten items touching non-gluten items. If you are gluten free or vegan, we suggest bringing your own food.
    4. Afternoon and evening food carts will have items for vegetarian and vegan diets, some gluten free options as well.

All participants are welcome to bring meal supplements to ensure you get the nutrients and provisions you require for days of riding.

We will have water stations set up around the registration area where you can fill hydration packs and water bottles.


Scratch Labs is our awesome hydration sponsor. They will have products available each day before shuttles start and in the afternoon.


  • 7pm- close on Thursday, 4-10pm Friday & Saturday – Always a good idea to have your own beverages available to drink outside of those hours.
  • The garden provides Oregon’s best wine, beer, & cider and is complimentary.
  • Food carts will offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for your purchase.

Our friends at the Westfir Lodge (across the covered bridge from event) will have bags of ice for sale if you need it.

We have an new MBO online store for fun MBO branded items that you can purchase and have shipped to your home to bring with you to the event.

Across the bridge (walking distance):

  • Westfir Lodge has a small Mountain Market with assorted drinks, beer, and specialty items as well as delicious house-made pierogi.
  • Trans Cascadia’s Log Scale Shack Cafe (across the street from Westfir Lodge) has a variety of menu items, tasty drinks & beer.

If you need to do a large amount of grocery shopping, we encourage you to head into Oakridge (5 miles away) where they have a large grocery store, Ray’s Food Place.

Yes, we have a ticket for Non-Riding participants.  The ticket includes camping, breakfast, lunch, all you can drink at the beverage garden (for over 21).  You will not be allowed to ride on the shuttles if you are a non-riding participant.  We are camped on 80 acres along a beautiful river and there is plenty to do & explore for the non-riding participant.

These tickets have to be sold separately as our waitlist only applies to Riding Participants. Please complete your registration first and then you can register your Non Riding Participants at this link. Click here.

Camping is on 80 acres nestled between the base of Alpine Trail and the North Fork of the Willamette River at a scenic old Mill Site.  There are grassy areas near the river for tents, and flatter areas for RV’s, trailers, vans, etc.

There are no hookups so come prepared to be fully self-contained.  We ask if you run a generator, you be kind to your neighbors and turn it off between 9pm-7am.  No Fires are allowed on the site.  No exceptions.

Yes, Cascades Outdoor Center (across the bridge from event) is offering a special rafting package just for MBO guests.  The cost is $89 per person and they will provide shuttle, guide, life jacket, and a 2 hour float on the river.  The trip begins at 5pm so you can relax on the river after a day of riding and returns at 7pm to give you plenty of time to socialize in the evening.  Please click on link to schedule directly with Cascades Outdoor Center.  Spots are limited so sign up now!

    1. Non-riding children are welcome at MBO and you will need to register them for appropriate ticket (depending on age).
    2. Kids between the ages of 13-16 are welcome to register as a rider if they can ride intermediate level mountain bike trails and parent agrees to ride with them at all times.
    3. Kids between the ages of 16-17 are welcome to register as a rider and ride solo if they can ride an intermediate to advanced level trail.
    4. All children under 18 will need to have their parent sign a waiver.
    5. Please note that any minor that is deemed to be “over their head” on any given trail and/or presenting a danger to themselves, others, or guide team will be pulled off ride and arrangements made for them to be returned to camp.

New for 2021: after 8PM the Beverage Garden turns to 16 & older.

Be aware that MBO is an event with mostly adults and the beverage garden may not be the most appropriate place for children.

We would REALLY prefer if you leave your dog at home during MBO. If you have to bring your dog,  your dog must be on leash and with its owner at all times.

Dogs are not allowed on the shuttles or on the trails during MBO.  If you plan to ride all day and are coming solo, you may not leave your dog at camp all day while you ride.

The camp is in full sun and can get very hot during the day while you are out riding and there isn’t much shade to safely leave your pet.  If you have a ticketed non-riding participant joining you at event that can assure your pet is watched over then we will consider on a case by case basis.

First look to see if Westfir Lodge still has availability. If not, there are motels and vacation rentals (check Airbnb) available in both Westfir and Oakridge, a short drive away. Search online for details. You can park your vehicle in the campground each day and drive home at night.

Yes, we recommend all riders bring a bike with them. Contact the Willamette Mountain Mercantile-Oakridge Bike Shop to rent a bike for the event.

We will have limited top quality FREE bike demos this year. We will have limited top quality FREE bike demos this year. Bike demos are not guaranteed so it is best to assure you have a bike of your own to ride.

Once you arrive at MBO and check in, you can go to the bike demo booth area and reserve your bike for the next day. Check in with multiple bike companies and set up reservations for multiple days of the event.  Demo bikes are limited and are NOT guaranteed – we highly recommend that you bring your own bike.

No, we do not. You will need to bring your own with you, or borrow from your friends.

Yes, you can find poison oak in the area, although most riders are fine. Bring extra gloves and riding clothes if you are sensitive. Bring Tecnu to rinse off with after each ride.

Due to COVID-19 and our limited event capacity.  We are not able to offer clinics at this time.  If restrictions lift with enough time for us to plan them, we will try to add them back in.  Otherwise, the clinics will certainly be back in 2022.

Several local trail groups as well as the staff, guides, & owners of MBO work to maintain the trails used by the event. The local trail groups include; The Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards (GOATS), Alpine Trail Crew Association (ATCA), and The Disciples of Dirt (DOD).

Mountain Bike Oregon began with humble roots in 2005 and had only 34 riders – there were more guides than riders! Riders were from over 10 states and had a blast, then went home and told all their friends. The MTBR website was flooded with buzz about Mt. Bike Oregon and the news of this awesome new event spread like wildfire.

In 2006, the event came into its own and sold out with 300 riders from 20 states. Following years included a second weekend where there was a sell out crowd as we are committed to always keeping our numbers small. Mountain Bike Oregon is special because of the community that comes together to ride, and we want to preserve that awesome atmosphere. We also believe it is important to respect the trails and keep our impact to a minimum.

The event has consistently been named in the Top 10 Mountain Bike Festivals in the country and the trails in Oakridge are known as some of the best in the world.

Join us this summer in Oakridge for MBO!