NEW ~  MBO Junior Program

Concept: Two Days Instruction plus One Day Guided Singletrack for Juniors at Mountain Bike Oregon.  The Junior program will provide a safe, educational and fun series of adventures. A great way to bring your kids to MBO and have them gain new skills for riding in a supportive and summer camp like environment.  Parent(s) need to be registered participants of MBO as either Full Participant or Non-Riding Participant. We’ll teach the kids while you get to enjoy the trails!

Price: TBD for 2020

Price Includes:  3 days of skills instruction and riding by professional staff, breakfast & lunch, on site camping (w/ parents), activities in camp such as playground & pump track.

Ages served: 8-14 years, based on capability. We are open to working with younger-than-eight years, based on that child’s riding and self-management capabilities

Minimum Number Juniors: 5

Maximum Number Juniors: 20

Instructor/Junior Ratio: 1 Instructor/5 Juniors

Program Description/Timeline:

The MBO Junior Program takes place over three days during the Mountain Bike Oregon event. Basic and Intermediate mountain biking skills are taught. Students learn effective and fun skills. Focus is on a practicing a progression of these skills. Topics include Bike Safety and Equipment Use, Operation of Controls, Body Position, Trail Scanning and Risk Management. The Program capstone is a guided ride on a challenging Oakridge trail. Students will finish the Program with a thorough introduction to Mountain Biking that can lead to a lifetime participation in bicycling

Day 1: Two hours of Mountain Bike Instruction. Focus is on basic MTB Skills

Day 2:  Two hours of Mountain Bike Instruction. Progression into Intermediate Skills

Day 3: Three hour Guided Singletrack ride

What to Bring

Functioning bicycle (instructors will help inspect) , helmet, hydration pack or small back pack and cage mounted sports bottle, light day snacks, comfortable, yet safe riding apparel, and a positive attitude!

Safety, Intention & Inclusion Statement

Foremost in the MBO Junior Program is the safety of all participants. Beyond that, the Program provides fun instruction for all students based on their bicycling skills and physical strengths. Students are asked to assess their own strengths and skills, and at times challenge themselves.  Students will also be asked to take care of their own personal needs, but the Instructors are always available to assist.

Our Lead Instructor is Dennis Sibilia-Young who has been a guide at Mountain Bike Oregon for five years, a member of Disciples of Dirt, holds certificates that include: PMBIA, NICA, the Oregon Interscholastic League, the Willamette National Forest Special Permit Department, Oregon Outfitter Guide Program & Wilderness First Aid Training for Mountain Biking.

The Junior Program will also have a couple of  “Junior Guides” working alongside the adults and helping to demonstrate and inspire the Juniors in the program.  The “Junior Guides” are experienced youth Mountain Bikers who are part of the MBO family and on their own path of learning to become Guides in Training for the event.

The Junior program will provide a safe, educational and fun series of adventures. A great way to bring your kids to MBO and have them gain new skills for riding in a supportive and summer camp like environment.

Instructors’ Roles & Responsibilities

  • Maintain Safety of Program
  • Explain and demonstrate basic and intermediate mountain bike skills
  • Assess students and adapt instruction accordingly
  • Set up, demonstrate and direct fun on-the-bike skills and drills
  • Serve as positive mentor
  • Guide on Day 3
  • Model and maintain an environment of fun, adventure and learning
  • Collect and review all participants’ health limitations before the event
  • Provide periodic debriefing to parents
  • Monitor Students’, Junior Guides’ and Instructors’ safety, well-being and adherence to the goals and standards of the MBO Junior Program

Online registration is now closed!

Online registration is now closed so we can process our reports and make final preparations.  There is still room for you to come and register at the event site.  Registration will be open on Thursday from 12-8PM and again on Friday morning at 7AM.  You will just pay with a credit card and choose your rides from the spots available.