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Sunday, July 19, 2020 at 5:00pm


Oakridge, Oregon
Red Covered Bridge
, aka “The Portal”

Address for Google Maps: North Fork Road and Westoak Rd, Westfir Oregon
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Just west of Oakridge off of Highway 58.



Who We Are:

Nestled in the foothills of the central Cascade Mountains, Oakridge is a true mountain bike paradise. Giant old growth trees, lush ferns, creeks, waterfalls, and mountain meadows full of wildflowers make for some of the most beautiful singletrack around. From rolling riverside trails, to wild ripping descents, Mountain Bike Oregon has something for everyone.


Oakridge was recently designated a Gold Level Ride Center by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). This means that Oakridge is an acclaimed destination-worthy area with mountain bike facility that offer something for every rider. To have received this award is a huge honor for our entire community.

What We Do:

Three full days of mountain biking in Oakridge, Oregon will leave you both exhausted and replenished.

With its small festival atmosphere, Mountain Bike Oregon is a unique experience. Join us for the most fun mountain bike weekend you’ll ever have! Each day offers supported ride options for intermediate and advanced riders (this is not a beginner event).

Event Features:
  • Hundreds of miles of the world’s best singletrack.
  • Camp at the Red Covered Bridge portal, the bottom of Alpine trail!
  • Delicious, nutritious breakfast and lunch provided.
  • On-site Food Cart Festival with plenty of options available when you get off the trail, and they stay open late for nighttime snacking.
  • Beer, hard cider and wine nightly in the FREE Adult Beverage Garden.
  • Free mechanical support from Oregon Rides.
  • Free dream bike demos.
  • Ride in the classic Mt. Bike Oregon school buses.
  • Women’s rides and clinics.
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks and a variety of beverages are ALL INCLUDED.


Read the description & pick your rides on the registration page (you will be prompted).

14.2 Miles

Distance: 14.4 miles. Steep, Fast, Mild exposure, Sustained climbs/descents.

Technical: 2    (speed, narrow tread)        Grunt: 2 (sustained climbs)

Descending: 5000’            Climbing: 1900


Oh glorious Alpine! Known as the Crown Jewel, this is one wicked trail. A combination of every pleasure known to mountain biking, you can’t not love Alpine. Buff and narrow singletrack is the name of the game. Vast views, tight corners between 400 year old trees, high speed railing on steep side slopes; Alpine delivers. The trail is not highly technical, however there are many distractions for the eye and mild exposure. Everyone – from relative newbies to seasoned pros – love to roll tires on Alpine. It’s a ridiculously fast and fun ride.

25+ Miles

Distance: 25 + miles.

Technical: 3    (Speed, Narrow, Exposure, tight)        Grunt: 5

Descending: 6950’            Climbing: 3600’

This is a big ride… Alpine – Tire Mountain – Cloverpatch – Alpine
Alpine Trail may be known as the “Crown Jewel” of trails at MBO… but add Tire Mountain and Cloverpatch…then Alpine again to the second half of your ride and prepare for epic scenery, long, steep sections of climbing and descending, and some of the most beautiful scenery in the Oakridge valley.  You will have to work hard on this ride, but it’s worth every pedal stroke as you feast your eyes on breathtaking views of the Cascade mountains. You get a bit of all Oakridge has to offer on ATCA: Buff, fast, steep, rocky, tired legs, stunning views and old growth. There are many fast corners, most with good sightlines, but speed can get out of hand very easily.  Bring your camera, water, and thighs…you’re going to want them all.

3.4 Miles

Distance: 3.4 miles (2.1 mi attack,  1.3 mile casual stroll into park)

Technical: 2 (exposure, speed, tight, loose)    Grunt: 1 (shuttle)

Descending: 2200’            Climbing: 20’ (RFC 2200’)

A classic Oakridge downhill screamer with LOTS of ridgeline exposure that will keep you on your toes. The trail itself isn’t highly technical, but there’s lots of visual distractions and it’s easy to let your speed get out of hand. Expect a few creek crossings, off-camber turns, lots of tight corners, and some loose rocky patches toward the bottom half of the trail. There’s a lot of steep exposure.

32 Miles

Distance: 32 miles

Technical: 5    (steep, rocks, roots, high exposure)   

Grunt: 5 (long, a few hike-a-bike sections)

Descending: 4500’                Climbing: 1000’


If you decide to ride the entire trail, you’ll begin right above Timpanogas Lake. Middle Fork starts off rough, rugged, steep in spots and beautiful all over. It stays beautiful the whole way and rugged for most of it. It’s a classic river trail so climbs are short but steep and require a lot of effort. There are lots of roots, rocks and technical challenges with some moderate exposure in a few spots. Add a few creek crossings, and sweet river bridges, and you’ve got a party. It’s an ALL DAY ride and all day fun.

(Add on cost of $50 to do this ride)

14 Miles

Distance: 14

Technical: 2    (roots, loose)        Grunt: 2

Descending: 1400’            Climbing: 500’


Lower Middle Fork give you the classic cross country river trail ride you always hear about. It has enough creek crossings, rocks and roots to keep you entertained without wrecking your nerves and won’t crush your soul or spirit with long climbs or all day grinds. You have to pay attention, but it’s just a fun cross country ride.

21 Miles

Distance: 21 miles

Technical: 5     Grunt: 3

Descending: 6062’            Climbing: 487’


Shoot the moon is the combination of Upper Middle Fork and Moon Point (Youngs Rock). The day begins with the top 12 miles of the middle fork trail. This section is full of steeps, roots, rocks, and creeks to cross. Fairly technical, and a whole lotta fun. Climbs here are short but steep and punchy. The scenery in the canopy, and out in the burn is amazing. You will rest at Chucks creek (delicious water) before a short climb out, and a quick mile jaunt down the highway to reconvene at Indigo Camp, before shuttling back up to Moon Point. This trail  gets you warmed up with a mellow climb through meadows. There is a five minute detour to Young’s rock overlook which is possibly the best view in the state. The descending begins quickly after you return from Young’s rock and it gets fast…in a hurry! Moon Point is steep and tight in spots and wide open and ripping in others. Fun switchbacks, gorgeous meadows, and gnarly shale gardens are just a taste of the diversity in this trail. Plenty of clear cut to look up and let off, but your brakes better work. This is ear to ear fun. (Add on cost of $50 to do this ride)

18 Miles

Distance: 18 miles.

Technical: 4    (speed, tight, exposure, loose, switchbacks)    Grunt: 3 (short climbs)

Descending: 6900’                Climbing: 2000’


Lawler: Warm up with a gravel and trail combo climb. Enjoy beautiful old growth trees and buff, flowy singletrack before hitting a brief, steep grunt up a few switchbacks, then get into some ridiculously fast, narrow and moderately exposed singletrack. There’s several tight corners and exposure but good sightlines into most. We say buff…but Lawler has enough rocks, twists and dips that you need to have you’re A-game on to shred this one. And with the new extension, a few extra chances to get rowdy on some playful stuff.


Hardesty: You get longer to warm up on Hardesty, you’ll climb for a couple miles (mostly gravel, ½ mile trail) before you get to the meadow and it flattens out just before the descent into the trees. This is an especially steep trail, fast and smooth with enough rocky patches and roots to keep you awake. There’s a ton of high speed chicanes, jukes and jives on this…like flying on top of dirt. This trail is relatively easy to ride but takes big nerves and good skills to truly unlock the speed and thrills that lie within. The lower mile sees A LOT of mixed use and we’ll slow folks down at the end…but please keep your eyes wide and alert for other trail users. This ride ends at the Goodman/Hardesty parking area.

15 Miles

Distance: 15 miles.

Technical: 5 (Extreme exposure, loose, steep, speed, rocks)    Grunt: 3 (steep)

Descending: 3800’                Climbing: 1500’


Bunchgrass’ little brother. It’s not less primitive or rugged…or less steep…it’s just shorter. Bring your bike handling skills and nerves as Heckletooth will challenge even the best. Very few clean the whole trail, but go ahead and try, just be aware of the extreme exposure and very steep grades and sidehill action at times. There’s some of the best views in the area off of this one. This trail is a favorite amongst most of the trail guides. It’s one of the only trails folks gather at times to session technical sections. This is not for the beginner, but a must ride for sure.

8-12 Miles

Distance: Various loops (8 – 12 miles) /FLAT TO TECHNICAL – PICK YOUR POISON

Technical: 1 (north);  4 (south: steep, roots, rocks)    Grunt: 1 (north); 3 (south)

Descending: 100’ (north); 900’ (south)        Climbing: 100’ (N); 900’ (S)


There are TWO DISTINCT and DIFFERENT trails here:

The North side of Salmon Creek has no steep ups/downs or super-technical challenges, it is a great beginner or family ride.


The South side of Salmon Creek will test your legs and bike handling. South Salmon is classic technical river-style trail with a couple rough and tumble climbs and moderate exposure.


Salmon creek runs in addition to Dead Mt when you select Dead Salmon. The North/South will be determined by the guide captain on your ride given crowd feedback after the first trail.

6 Miles

Distance: 6 miles / FAST, BUFF DOWNHILL

Technical: 2 (speed)      Grunt: 1

Descending: 3000’ +     Climbing: 250’ +


This trail is FAST and fun. The first section is the actual Dead Mt. trail. A machine built, true flow trail full of kickerss & booters, flying rollers, and deep descending berms. Bring your quads. The second section is named Flat Creek. Anything but flat, this section is a real brake tester. Still very flowy and buff, but natural and narrow. lots of speed in to some very quick turns. This trail will keep you on your toes for sure!

13 Miles

Distance: 13 miles / FAST, mixed DOWNHILL

Technical: 3  (speed, roots, rocks, exposure)          Grunt: 1

Descending: 7400ish    Climbing: 350’


This is three in one: Dead Mt, Larison Rock, & Larison Rock (yes 2 times it’s so much fun!).  Each has their own personality, but they’re each ridiculously fast fun and full of smiles. If fast, rowdy and dropper posts are your thing, you will love The Triple!!!

BACK for 2020

We are thrilled to announce our SECOND ANNUAL Ladies-only 3 day clinic @ Mountain Bike Oregon!  The clinic is for Ladies only but you will be sharing the weekend festival with all the riders of MBO. 


BACK for 2020

Two Days Instruction plus One Day Guided Singletrack for Juniors at Mountain Bike Oregon.  The Junior program will provide a safe, educational and fun series of adventures.


Gary Fisher
on riding in Oakridge

“It is a beautiful area. They’ve got a lot of really fun trails.
It has beautiful mountains, beautiful trees… [beautiful] everything.”

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Online registration is now closed so we can process our reports and make final preparations.  There is still room for you to come and register at the event site.  Registration will be open on Thursday from 12-8PM and again on Friday morning at 7AM.  You will just pay with a credit card and choose your rides from the spots available.